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About RO or Water Purifier

RO Repair

With water pollution increasing at alarming levels, relying on the tap water for a basic living is not only unreasonable but harmful as well. Either you can get a new RO installed or get the old one monitored and serviced on a regular basis by the experts. The most common problem faced by the people include

  • RO has stopped working completely- If your RO has stopped working completely, when you switch it on, you need to check the electric supply. Once you have ensured about the power supply, check the lights of the machine, if it is not working, you must avail water purifier repair services.
  • Water leakage from RO machine- If suddenly you notice water leakage from RO machine, you need to avail professional services. The professionals will inspect the connections and find out the reason behind water leakage.
  • Bad odor or taste- Water filters and purifiers contain several filters to remove harsh chemicals from the tap water. In some cases, one or two components may get clogged, resulting into malfunctioning of filtered water. If the tap water has a foul smell and odor, you need to hire RO inspection and repair services.
  • Slow flow of water- If you notice that the water flow from RO is slower than usual than you first need to check the water supply! Slow water is an indicator of choked filter or high TDS levels in the water supply. If the TDS levels are high (happens during the rainy season) then you need to wait to come to the lower levels to see if the water flow from RO machine improves.  If not, then its time to replace the water filter.

Why to avail RO repair services?

  • You get access to clean drinking water- Tap water contains plenty of contaminants and can be a source of water borne disease and infections. When you use RO machine for a longer duration, the residue starts to build up in filters and it becomes less effective. By availing regular RO repair services regularly, you can ensure that the RO components are cleaned and can work effectively to remove all kind of water impurities.
  • Preserve the taste of water- The different contaminants including the heavy metals can change the taste of water. Hence, it is important to keep your machine serviced regularly so that the taste of water remains intact.
  • Improves overall health- Water is one of the main cause of infection as polluted water contains a high level of insect ides, metals and other dangerous chemicals. Unless you avail RO service regularly, your RO machine will become less effective and will eventually affect your health.
  • Improves the lifespan of RO- Regular RO service ensures that the components, filters and membrane in water purifier work effectively.

Our services

Installation/uninstallation- You can avail professional installation and uninstallation of RO repair services from us. We can help you to install a new RO machine or uninstall RO in case you are shifting.

Service- We offer regular maintenance service for the smooth functioning of RO. Our professionals ensure that you get access to the clean water.

Inspection/repair-If you are facing technical hiccups with your RO machine, you can avail our inspection or repair services. Our professionals will carry a complete diagnosis of the RO machine and check for any clogged components.

Why Rebuilt?

We help to simplify the entire process of RO installation and repair. We offer high- quality services at a cost- effective rate. Rebuilt is a trusted name and our professionals are well-trained to offer you high- quality services. We verify the credentials of our technicians to give an extra mile of happiness.


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Appliance services

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Spare parts


Sediment filter


RO membrane


booster pump


Solenoid valve


TDS controller




Flow restrictor




UV choke







RO or Water Purifier

Common Servicing

Sr. No Part name Repair & Service cost
1 service INR 299

Common Uninstallation

Sr. No Part name Repair & Service cost
1 uninstallation INR 199

Common Installing

Sr. No Part name Repair & Service cost
1 installation INR 299

Common Repairing

Sr. No Part name Repair & Service cost
1 Visit Charge INR 249


Sr. No Repair/Service spare /part cost Labour Cost
1 Pro filter hosing spun INR 399 INR 499
2 Sediment filter INR 499 INR 499
3 Pre-carborn & post carborn filter INR 249 INR 249
4 RO membrane INR 999 INR 999
5 booster pump INR 1499 INR 1499
6 Solenoid valve INR 249 INR 249
7 UF (ultra filter) INR 499 INR 499
8 UV(ultra violet) tube INR 299 INR 299
9 TDS controller INR 199 INR 199
10 Non-return-valve INR 149 INR 149
11 Flow restrictor INR 199 INR 199
12 Flow-valve INR 199 INR 199
13 Low/High presure switch INR 199 INR 199
14 UV choke INR 299 INR 299
15 Tap INR 149 INR 149
16 Pipes INR 40 INR 40
17 Elbow INR 20 INR 20

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