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Refrigerator Repair Services

Modern appliances like refrigerator are not only convenient but also keep our food fresh. They have become an integral part of lives. So, when it doesn’t work due to frost build- up or part damage, it can become frustrating. We, at Rebuilt are committed to offer you high- quality refrigerator repair services.

Why Rebuilt?

  • Experienced professionals- We are a team of experienced professionals who can handle all your technical issues. All our agents have undergone a stringent training process so that we can offer you good quality services.
  • We are adept in handling all your technical problems-If you notice excessive frost-built up, leakage, or any other kind of problem-you can call us.
  • Hassle free service- If your refrigerator needs repair, you can call us online or schedule your appointment for prompt and professional repairs from our technicians.
  • Customer Protection- At Rebuilt, we are here to offer you the best services, so in case there is damage we also provide you with a protection cover.
  • Payment-The customers can make an online payment for the services through our payment portal. This is done to eliminate any kind of discrepancies.


Today, the refrigerator has become much more than the cooling machines. They are powered with specific features to keep the food fresh for a long time. In such a case, local professionals without expertise cannot be trusted. If the warranty period has expired, the services can become more costly. So, we at Rebuilt.com offer you top-notch refrigerator repair services at the comfort of your home. So, whether you own multi-door refrigerator with frost- free technology or energy- efficient refrigerator, we provide services for all of them irrespective of the brand.  Our reliable professionals ensure that you get the best services.


Services Offered

The present lifestyle has bogged us down, hence we need an instant service man that can inspect our fridge and can offer hassle-free services. At Rebuilt, we offer exceptional services where our clients can call us and our representative will visit their home at the scheduled time and check out the appliance. After inspection, he will recommend the services along with the quoted price. You can either choose it or deny it, depending upon your preference, but you will be entitled to the inspection charges.


How it Works


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Appliance services

Appliance Types

Guaranteed high quality repair services under one roof


Appliance issues

Guaranteed high quality repair services under one roof

No Issue just Repair charge

Spare parts


megnotron 5 Pin


megnotron 6 Pin


HV diode


HV Transformer


HV capacitor






Glass Turn table


mlca sheet


Door latch


Door switch


PCB repair

Microwave & Oven

ALL Repairing

Sr. No Part name Repair & Service cost
1 Visit Charge INR 249


Sr. No Repair/Service spare /part cost Labour Cost
1 megnotron 5 Pin INR 1400 INR 250
2 megnotron 6 Pin INR 1500 INR 250
3 HV diode INR 500 INR 250
4 HV Transformer INR 1600 INR 250
5 HV capacitor INR 700 INR 250
6 bulb INR 150 INR 250
7 Turn table motor INR 800 INR 250
8 Coupler INR 200 INR 250
9 Glass Turn table INR 1000 INR 250
10 mlca sheet INR 350 INR 250
11 Door latch INR 550 INR 250
12 Door switch INR 350 INR 250
13 switch membrane/inlay pane repair INR 1200 INR 250
14 PCB repair INR 1300 INR 250

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